Scheduling and Hours

Please check Session Calendar on sidebar for available session times

Winter and Spring Hours (January – May)
Monday 4:30 – 9:00
Wednesday 4:30 – 9:00
Saturday Based on availability

Summer Hours (June – July)
Please see front page for available times during the months of June and July.

Summer Hours ( August)

I will have no scheduled times during August.  However, I will do lessons when available.

Fall Hours (September – December)
Please see front page for available times during these months.

How to use the Hitting Zone Session Calendar

1) Check the dates and time that I am open by looking at the Google calendar on the front page.
2) If you know the day that you would like to get an appointment, go to the session calendar and find the date.
3) Scroll down to the times that we are open. If the time slot that you want says busy, that time slot has been filled. If nothing appears in the time slot you want, you should contact me immediately by phone or email.
4) I will confirm your appointment if nobody has taken that time slot.
5) Please know I update the schedule daily; however, I may not have updated the schedule at the time you look at the schedule, therefore, that time slot may be taken. If that happens I will work with you to get you in at a different time.

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